Fun & Excitement in Montana

Pretty uneventful ride until Bozeman, when I start feeling strangeness in the front end.. So of course as I pull in to check it out, sun showers… End up getting gas and using the pump shelter to swap out the alternator belt.. Go a bit further, and rear end feels squirrelly.. See some oily residue on the driveshaft, not sure if it’s brake fluid or what, but the ABS won’t pass its startup self check, so I’d assume it’s brake related.. (actually it looks like gear oil, will try adding some tomorrow)

Gonna try for the BMW in Sturgis tomorrow… Fun fun!!

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2 Responses to “Fun & Excitement in Montana”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Any chance the BMW could have screwed up the brakes when putting the wheels back on with your new tires? Let me know if I can help you find answers or solutions — I dunno, maybe desktop might be better than iPhone for research in some instances.

    Sharp rainbow photo too! I’m amazed at how nice the pics come out.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Well, if you’re in Montana, then you probably took the I90 West through Spokane. Columbia River Gorge in Oregon & Coeur D’Alene mountain pass region in Idaho is some nice country to pass through.

    Shame you’ll miss Yellowstone. Sturgis seems like a long way off for a bike with a repair problem. 6 hour ride to Stugis means you’ll have to get goin pretty early to make it to the shop early enough to have it serviced tomorrow.

    You can put in for a service reservation:

    Good luck & ride safe!

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